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About Us
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The company’s predecessor was Top Aluminum Co., Ltd. The PS plate department was established in 1995 and Top was selected as one of the top 500 companies in Taiwan in the same year.
After that, it began large-scale investment in advanced machinery and equipment, human resources and high-quality raw materials. And Top also integrates with the professional technology of the United States and Japan.
In 1998, the PS plate was successfully developed, so the production and management team of the PS plate department was separated and evolved into today’s Top High Image Co., Ltd.
The company continues to develop and update production equipment, which greatly improves the quality and effectiveness of the products.
According to a report by the Business Times in May 2002, the sales volume of printing plates from Top High Image has surpassed Fujifilm in Taiwan market and has become a leading brand in Taiwan.
In 2003, our PS plates were widely recognized in Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. In 2004, the fourth production line was completed, with a production capacity of 10 million square meters per year. Top High Image has become a leader in PS plates in Southeast Asia. In 2007, thermal CTP plates and CTcP plates were successfully developed. Now Top High Image has the most diverse products and supplies them to customers around the world at reasonable prices. In 2012, we vigorously reduced the carbon dioxide emissions of our products, so that our plates were certified as low-carbon products. In 2014, in view of the development trend of digital printing technology, Top High Image allied with HP and became the only regional distributor of HP Latex/Scitex wide-format printing machines in Taiwan. In 2019, it officially launched a new process-free printing plate, and entered the global environmentally-friendly printing plate market. In order to improve comprehensive services to meet customer needs, we have successively obtained the Taiwan agency rights of x-rite, Italy Durst, Guangzhou Pulisi, and Italy Sei LASER.
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Management team
學歷 : 正修工專
經歷 : 泰嘉開發建設(股) 公司董事長
學歷 : 文化大學會計系
經歷 : 上逸建設有限公司董事長

學歷 : 東海大學食品科學系
/ 美國南加州大學營建管理碩士
學歷 : 銘傳商專國貿系
經歷 : 協禧電機(股)公司財務經理
學歷 : 義守大學會計學系
經歷 : 五福旅行社(股)公司會計
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  • 1998
    Top high Metal Industries Corporation established
    Pre-sensitized printing plate (a.k.a. PS plate) successfully developed, and factory established
  • 1999
    Two production lines set up specifically for PS plates
  • 2000
    Company name officially changed to Top High Image Corp.
    Two production lines in full-capacity operation all day
  • 2001
    Market share over 70% for two consecutive years, being a leading brand in Taiwan
    Invest in coil-feed automatic production technology
  • 2002
    The third production line (with coil-feed automatic production technology) set up for production
  • 2003
    Self-made emulsion for PS plate successfully developed and used
    Certificated with ISO9001:2000
    Corporate stock was approved to publish
  • 2004
    The fourth production line (with coil-feed automatic production technology) set up for mass production
    PS plate widely accepted and utilized around the globe
  • 2005
    Corporate stock of Top High Image officially for sale in over-the-counter market
  • 2007
    Thermal CTP and CTcP plate successfully commercialized and accepted in the market
  • 2008
    Top CTcP plates titled as 'the best printing plate ever' in Taiwan
    Top products widely utilized in more than 75 countries
  • 2009
    CTP plate, applicable with UV ink,is successfully developed
  • 2010
    Surging capacity for CTP plate
    Supply of all kinds of printing consumables and equipment
  • 2011
    As an exclusive representitive for Yinmart China in Taiwan
  • 2012
    CTP plates certificated as low-carbon product
    Officially a dealer for SCREEN pre-press equipment
  • 2013
    15th anniversary celebration of Top High Image
    Annual capacity of plates up to 10,000,000 square meter
  • 2014
    Offcially as a representitve of HP Latex printing series in Taiwan
  • 2015
    Honored with 'Golden Print Award'
  • 2019
    Product launch along with 20th anniversary of Top High Image. Officially a representative for X-rite, Durst, Pulisi and Sei LASER in Taiwan.
  • 2020
    Offcially as a representitve of Scodix in Taiwan