T-20 Process Free Plate

.No processor chemical developing
.No investment on processor and space
.No more processor clean and maintenance
.Cost savings of developer, water, electricity and chemical disposal

 Plate Non-ablative thermal negative short to medium-run plate.
 Gauge 0.15 / 0.30 mm (0.20 / 0.24mm on request)
 Spectra Sensitivity 800 - 850 nm
 Laser Energy 150 - 175 mJ/cm2
 Resolution 1% - 99% @ 200 lpi
 Runlength Up to 50,000 impressions(Actual runlength may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions.)
 Safelight Up to 1 hour under white light
 Shelf life 12 months under recommended storage conditions
 Packaging Available in all standard formats, including bulk and Auto Pallet Loader (APL) formats.
 Storage Unopened plate packs should be stored flat and away from excessive cold,heat and humidity. Store in a controlled environment of below 25 C and 50% RH, non-condensing.
 Handling Handle with gloves. Once opened, suggest to use within 3 days; unused plates should be sealed with tape and kept away from light for storage.