Email Fraud Alert!

Dear valued partners,

This is an important notice!
Recently, one of our customers received several emails from hacker pretending to be our employee and request bank account modification using similar email address "".
In fact, we did not send any notification of changing bank account to that customer and this kind of email scam happens a lot among international trade.

Important: Top High Image won't ask payment remit into any different banking account without via phone communication, original hard copy, whatsapp and authorization of our General Manager. You may also verify the authenticity via direct phone call.

Meanwhile, we would suggest that you may pay more attention if there is any difference from sender or receiver email address while sending email each time. The scam email may be very similar with only 1~2 letters altered, such as or

If any question or suspicious activity, please contact Top High Image Corp. via phone call directly.

Thank you and best regards,
Top High Image